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What is brass?

brass|MEDIA Inc. is about young adults, money and how it affects lives.
Our passion is conveying to young adults the importance of understanding how money and our lives interact. To get the message out, we needed a way to communicate to a large number of people. brass|MEDIA became that voice.
Our goal at brass is simple: to provide direct, intelligent, entertaining content to young adults about the money side of life™. We first created the print edition of brass|MAGAZINE, moved to digital realms and today reach thousands of young adults directly and indirectly by working with organizations and businesses who share a passion to help young adults get started right.
With a mission to make money interesting, simple and relevant, brass covers fundamental money issues that apply to young adults and features up-and-coming young adults making a difference.  With content produced by young writers, photographers and graphic designers -- just like you -- brass|MAGAZINE meets young adults eye to eye.
We say "young today, rich tomorrow" because the best time to think about tomorrow is today. brass was created by entrepreneurs with a dream -- and this is it.
Welcome to brass.


Steve Sims - CEO