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brass Roots: From Dorm Room to Board Room

By Bryan Sims on July 31st, 2006 •

While I typically reserve talking about brass until the end of the year, this issue warranted an exception for two special reasons. This August, brass will reach 300,000 people between the ages of 16 and 25 all across the United States - 10 times the number of people from our first issue just two and a half years ago.

Some of you have been reading since we launched the first issue out of a dorm room and garage. A lot of you, however, are new and it's only fair to get you caught up before going further.

brass began about three years ago when I was 19 and had the idea to start a magazine that would be entirely for young adults, by young adults. It would be about issues that mattered to us that no one was talking about: our lives and our money. Whether you're an artist or an executive, we all pay bills, have needs, and want to pursue our dreams - all of which come back to money. This is why our goal at brass is to make money as interesting and painless as possible.

Created by young writers, photographers and designers, we have chosen to feature other people our age doing amazing things all across the country. We've covered young musicians, entrepreneurs, athletes, filmmakers, and philanthropists, to name a few, rather than celebrities and A-listers. Instead of featuring the already famous, we introduce the up-and-coming.

This brings me to the second reason this issue is so significant. We are launching a very exciting collaborative program that will provide copies of brass to high schools, starting with every public high school in the state of New York. For this program we added a new edition called the brass|MAGAZINE Student Edition. Hard to believe, I know... something actually interesting to read in class. One state down, only 49 more to go.

For the readers who have been with us so far, you'll notice that we have tweaked the way the title looks on the cover. This is to distinguish the brass|MAGAZINE Credit Union Edition (formerly brass|CU) from the brass|MAGAZINE Student Edition. (It also takes care of all the times we get asked what the "CU" stands for... and no, it was not for Columbia University.) To make it easier to find us on the web, we have made everything available at brassmagazine.com.

To all of our faithful readers, my many thanks. For those new to brass, we hope you enjoy everyone's hard work. As a magazine created for young adults, by young adults, none of this would be possible without your ideas, suggestions and submissions. It shouldn't be long now before you're hearing more about brass (or our cover stories) in the news. In the meantime, check out the brass trivia and timeline to find out more about this whole crazy ride. Better yet, follow your dream and maybe you will find yourself on our next cover.

Bryan Sims, CEO