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Songs That Sell: 10 most mentioned brands in music

By brass Staff on July 31st, 2005 •

In the world of marketing, advertising and corporate sponsorships, nothing is as sweet as having one's brand become part of a culture. But this begs the question, where do you draw the line between marketing and music? We've included the top 10 brands mentioned in music that you may not have realized you were hearing.

#1 Cadillac - 70 mentions

4th in 2003 / Escalade popular among hip-hop artists and pro athletes / Young Buck and Ludacris

#2 Hennessy - 69 mentions

Received more than double the mentions in 2003 / Juvenile and 50 Cent

#3 Mercedes - 63 mentions

#1 in 2003 with 114 mentions / Competition from Maybach and other luxury car brands / NWA

#4 Rolls Royce - 62 mentions

Jay-Z's Change Your Clothes initiated the prominence of Rolls Royce mentions / Not charted in 2003

#5 Gucci - 49 mentions

3rd in 2003 / Strongest fashion brand in music

#6 Jaguar - 37 mentions

71st in 2003 with just 4 mentions / Success due in large part to mentions by Jadakiss and Usher

#7 (tie) Cristal - 28 mentions

7th in 2003 / Unofficial drink of hip-hop holds place but with fewer mentions than in 2003 / Dom Perignon looking to take over as hip-hop champagne brand of choice in 2005

#8 (tie) Chevrolet - 28 mentions

10th in 2003 / Young Buck and Destiny's Child

#9 Bentley - 26 mentions

Success in the Brandstand chart more than matched by real world sales in 2004 / Likely to strengthen further throughout 2005

#10 Maybach - 25 mentions

Sales slow (only 5000 of the $300k+ cars sold in 2004) but image huge in pop culture / Seen on NBC's The Apprentice, transporting contestants around NYC.

Sources: agendainc.com

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