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For the past few months, the content department at brass has been scheming to pull a few April Fool's Day pranks on fellow staffers. We discussed possible plans in hushed tones at staff meetings and exchanged stealthy emails with subjects like, "TOP SECRET!" Then we got knee-deep this week in finishing up the next issue of the magazine and our schemes fell by the wayside.

To compensate for our own anticlimactic lack of pranking, we thought we'd share some of our favorite trickery going on today across the Web.

Friday or Die: Funny or die spoofed its website into Friday or Die in homage of the viral music video "Friday" by Jessica Black. The site is packed with hilarious videos, including my personal favorite, where Jessica explains the deaper meaning of the song's vapid lyrics. It turns out Jessica is a good sport and has great comedic timing.

iPad 360: Techanabob announced--complete with doctored images--that Apple and Microsoft joined heads to bring consumers the iPad 360, an Xbox 360 tablet. If it sounds too good to be true...

deals4hipsters: created a fake Groupon-style site to mock its perception of hipster culture. The lenseless glasses for sale promise to "look amazing with your thrift store inspired fashions, crushingly tight jeans and circa 1960 jagger haircut."

Starbucks Mobile Pour: Starbucks announced a fictional service where scooter-clad baristas in large cities will deliver coffee orders to smartphone users on the spot. Rollerblades are apparently in the works for the future.

Kodak Relationshiffft: Kodak broke the news of a new app that will allow automated "person purge" from photos, so users can easily remove exes from photographs with just a few clicks. A future beta version promises to then replace the purged person with someone new. Genius!

Google Fools: Google hosted multiple pranks, from a hiring notice for Autocompleters--employees with psychic skills who complete users' search phrases--to the ground-breaking Gmail Motion, a program allowing hands-free Gmail use. (The demonstrator in the Gmail Motion video wins hands down--no pun intended--as the best dead pan face I've seen in ages.)

For more online April Fool's Day jokes past and present, check out this cool infographic from

What were your favorites? Did you pull off any trickery of your own?