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Having a position as an intern presents many difficulties. There's no telling what you might face on the job; you may come across tasks way out of your pay-grade (if you're paid at all), or receive too many coffee orders at once--it's definitely a tossup. One thing is for sure though – you’re going to come across some awkward, uncomfortable situations.

As a "veteran" intern, I've had my fair share of awkward work situations. I started my career as a reporter for Central Michigan Life, interned in the communications department at the Detroit Zoo, and at Michigan’s leading business-to-business agency Eisbrenner Public Relations, and I am currently on-board at University Communications at Central Michigan University for the second semester. With all this internship experience, I've learned ways to make those uncomfortable situations less awkward. Allow me to share with you some tips:

  1. Not knowing what’s going on. If you don’t know what someone is talking about or forgot to do something, red flags will pop up. Keep a notepad and write down everything so you have something tangible to refer to if needed. Before you ask a question, make sure you communicate what you’ve been trying to do to understand for yourself.
  2. Requesting time off. It can be really awkward trying to communicate that, although you love your internship, you also love the beach. Be aware of the company’s vacation policies and try to abide by them. Be proactive: offer up-front to make up for the time you’ve missed and explain that your team members have your back (which requires talking to your team members before you ask for time off).
  3. Seeing people outside of work. So, you’re at a restaurant, and you see your boss. Say hi. The worst thing you can do is play the I-don’t-see-you-game.
  4. Drama. It’s going to happen – someone is going to lure you into the gossip trap and say something bad about someone else. My best advice is to kindly say, “I’m sorry, that’s not my experience with him or her,” and change the topic.
  5. Feeling mistreated. There may be times you are treated unfairly or disrespected by co-workers because--let’s face it--you’re an easy target for mean people. If something happens that you’re uncomfortable with, take it with a grain of salt, brush it off, and keep your confidence strong. If it keeps happening, document what is going on and approach your supervisor one-on-one to express your concerns. Remember to keep your cool and never retaliate against the “work bully.”

In the end, the biggest things to keep in mind as an intern are: be yourself, prove yourself, and discover your skills.

Photo by Mitch Hell via cc