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Web surfing, sending personal email and using social networking sites like Facebook, and Myspace may feel pretty normal for us, but many employers are still coping with their use in the office. A recent study by the American Management Association on electronic monitoring and surveillance found more than half of all employers surveyed have fired workers for email and Internet abuse. Some businesses are trying to block certain websites, and others monitor how much time employees spend online or if they're using company email accounts for personal reasons. With so much content online and easy, high-speed access, it's easy to forget ourselves and overuse our Internet privileges at work. The study, released in February, states that 66 percent of employers monitored Internet connections. Viewing of inappropriate or explicit websites topped the list of concerns, followed next by game sites and then social-networking sites. While 84 percent of these employers inform employees of monitoring, only two states (Delaware and Connecticut) legally require employers to tell workers they're being watched on the job. (Check out Fast Track to Fired:Are you a culprit? Avoid these 5 mistakes at work for more tips on job security. ) So, it’s a good idea to always think twice about checking your favorite blog or sending a quick email to your friends from work – it could protect your job in the long run. - Susie