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Picture this: You're sitting at your work desk drafting up designs or writing blogs or editing a video--whatever you do at work--and you say to yourself, "I'm tired of this nine-to-fiver. I should go into business for myself." It's a pretty radical idea; entrepreneurial endeavors always are. But often times they pay off. You just have to ask yourself, "Do I possess the necessary skills, means and ideas to make this work." You might be surprised by the answer.

Going into business for yourself hinges on creativity. It's what made Justin Timberlake leave *NSYNC and Beyonce drop Destiny's Child. Both artists now have solo careers, and bank accounts, far surpassing those of their former group mates. It's what made brass founder Bryan Sims drop out of college to start his business. Going it alone means creative control, higher earning potential, and the opportunity to report to none other than you. In a time when it's difficult to find employment, it just might be the right time to employ yourself.

Here's a collection of entrepreneurial words of wisdom from brass COO Bryan Sims.

  • "Believe in what you are doing, because when stuff really hits the fan, that’s the only thing that is going to keep you going."
  • "Inexperience may be a young person's greatest asset; it allows us to achieve new and incredible things that others may never consider, let alone attempt."
  • "There are numerous ways to structure companies and raise funds, which is why it's important to begin with people you trust… with enough work and determination you can start a company of your own."
  • "If you're thinking about starting a company (or already have), find other people who can serve as a support network. I guarantee you’ll need them."
  • "[Entrepreneurs] challenge the status-quo."

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Everyone needs a little encouragement sometimes. So if your mind is in the right place and you're confident in your ideas, go for it. Opportunity is what you make of it.

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