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Breaking news: Kim Kardashian is engaged and girlfriend has a rock the size of a boulder to prove it.

The Kardashians are known for their larger-than-life lifestyle and entrepreneurial success, so I figure there must be plenty of wisdom we can learn from them on buying an engagement ring. Let’s have it.

1. The bigger the better. Little sister Khloé’s 9 carat radiant cut diamond is cute, but it's got nothing on Kim’s 20.5 carat mammoth piece of bling, which is about 20 times bigger than the average engagement ring. It's like they say: dress for the job you want. Superstars need something magazine-cover-worthy on their paparrazzi-magnet fingers. (It's no wonder Khloe gets less media buzz than Kim.)

2. Make sure it’s a heavy weight. Kim’s diamonds prove that heavy lifting isn’t just for bodybuilders. At an estimated 4 ounces, her ring is the quarter pounder of engagement jewelry. The sentimental value of a diamond really does go up when it weighs about the same as a bar of soap or the weight newborn babies should gain every week in their early months of life.

3. Spend roughly ⅔ of your income. You can’t get a rock that big without laying out some major cash, and Kim’s ring cost an estimated $2 million. No big deal--it’s like wearing the equivalent of 1.5 Manhattan apartments or about half of Kim's $4.8 million Beverly Hills home on one finger. The only problem? Kim’s fiance Kris Humphries earns about $3.2 million per year as a forward for the New Jersey Nets. Assuming Humphries sauntered into a jewelry store, whipped out his credit card and picked up the ring on his own, he may have overshot the cost...just a little. As U.S. news points out, that’s like making a $60,000 salary and spending $40,000 on a ring. True love doesn't come at a rational price.

4. ...or buck gender roles and buy it for yourself. Who are we kidding? Kim’s got enough pocket change to cover the cost: the Kardashians earned $65 million in 2010, and she commands upwards of $10,000 just to post a few tweets. As a modern woman, it’s no wonder if she chipped in to make sure she got her perfect ring. Isn't that forward-thinking and empowering and stuff?

5. ...or get your TV network, the jeweler, or People magazine to help pay for it. Okay, okay, all the speculation on who paid for the ring is none of our beeswax. But take note that getting some help from the caring people in your life could reap nice perhaps an E! on-air wedding special or a glossy cover story.

Well, that's the end of our Kardashian-inspired tips for today. I'll have to make do for now with my engagement ring that is 41 times smaller than Kim’s, but when I'm in the mood for a diamond upgrade, I'm coming back to these life lessons.

Photo taken from this photostream and used with permission of a Creative Commons license.