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By Erin Flesch on September 15th, 2008

Hellooooo (echo, echo, echo…) out there! I have finally reached the big bad world of the Internet and I’m ready to show it who’s boss. Me. My name is Erin Flesch and I am the new Editorial Intern here at brass. It’s coming up on the end of my first week and I’m not gonna lie, it started off a little rocky. As much as it pains me to admit this, I missed my first day due to a nasty stomach flu that came out of nowhere. And by nowhere I mean most likely the raw eggs I chose to ingest the night previous from brownie batter. Or maybe it was the Chinese food I ate that had been sitting in my fridge all week. However, all of that is but dust in the wind (um, is that still a saying?) because I am so happy and honored to be working at brass. After working here one week I can honestly say that this is one of the coolest jobs an English major like me could ever hope to find. In addition to the prestige of having my own desk, which in itself is a pretty big deal, I also have been given actual writing assignments and responsibilities! My mom is so proud. I have spent the majority of my first week catching up on past issues of brass|MAGAZINE and watching videos about brass on YouTube (yup, reading mags and watching online videos…that's so cool). My favorite part about being here, though, is feeling like a grown-up for the first time because I am finally in an environment that treats me like one. Working alongside smart, creative and talented young people doing what I love to do is pretty much the best scenario I could hope for. So thanks to brass, I won’t let you down! That’s all from me for now. I tend to ramble, so it’s best to end this. Don’t worry though ‘cause you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the future, so introduce yourself, write a comment and let's get to know each other!