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One of the most beneficial New Year's resolutions you can make this January is to get your finances in order. Some 75% of people said they plan to make at least one personal-finance resolution this year, according to a survey from online broker TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. Here are five goals to help you get your personal finances in order in 2010, so you don't have to worry as much come the next decade.

Learn how to budget
A great pointer in budgeting is simply remember to spend less than you earn. Don’t rack up unnecessary loans or credit card bills. Regardless of income, remember to spend only what you need to.

Check out these articles from and to learn how to build your first budget.

Knock out debt
The average American household has up to $8,000 dollars in credit card debt. If you have credit card debt, make a goal to pay it off this year. Learn how to start mapping your way out of debt.

Plan on retiring

We all want to be able to retire and live a life of relaxation at some point, right? It may seem far away, but all those years creep up faster than expected, so start planning now. This article from (via explains how saving $2,000 a year starting in your twenties results in roughly half a million dollars forty years down the road. Start investing in your future.

Learn how to save
You'll also want to make a point to save money in general. This can help keep debt under control and lay a foundation for your spending habits. Check out these saving strategies.

Take charge of your credit
Start monitoring your credit.  Having good credit will prove particularly significant when applying for large loans like a home mortgage or business loan. To get started, check out  Extra Credit: Your guide to understanding credit.