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By Brandon Goldner on October 21st, 2009

It’s fall. Begrudgingly we must accept that summer is over. With the absence of that large orange sun comes the revival of those large orange squash that we know and love. You know what I’m talkin’ about. Oh yeah…it’s pumpkin time!

And what autumnal season would be complete without gathering all those pumpkins and getting competitive? After all, it is the competitive season with baseball wrapping up, football in full swing and basketball just around the corner. 

Earlier this month, the two-year-old record for world’s largest pumpkin fell. The new winner? 1,725 pounds. That’s more than five Shaq’s-worth of pumpkin!

What do you do once you grow a super-huge pumpkin? Launch it as far as possible. The current world record was set last year at 4,483.5 feet, longer than 11 Ryan Howard home runs. There’s still time if you think you can beat it, as this year's competition doesn’t start until Nov. 6!

But say you’re more the thoughtful, artsy type. That’s cool. Maybe you and your buddies could try to break the record for simultaneous jack-o’-lanterns lit in one place. You’d just need one more than the 30,128 hollowed-out pumpkins that set the record in 2006, or 115 pumpkins for each pound of NBA big-boy Sean May.

Going it alone? Maybe you could try to nab that world-record pumpkin and turn it into the world’s largest jack-o'-lantern. The current weight to beat is 1,469 pounds, or just over eight-and-a-half Ichiro Suzuki’s.

Or maybe you don’t like pumpkins. Clinging to summer? The record for world’s largest tomato has stood at over 7 pounds since 1986. That’s just waiting to be fried. Or how about the world’s largest cabbage? Last month it weighed in at 125.9 pounds of delicious leafy lustre. And don’t forget the record that’s waited more than 60 years to be broken: a 31-foot stalk of corn freakishly grown in 1946.

Whatever your fancy for fall, indulge it. You might end up setting a record. / CC BY 2.0