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By Jens Odegaard on March 2nd, 2009

If Kevin Garnett and The Quest For G ads didn't tip you off to the fact that Gatorade is now known as G, perhaps Dwyane Wade and the rest of the athletes/cultural icons in the Lil Wayne narrated commercials for the G Manifesto enlightened you.

The re-branding of Gatorade is just a microcosm of a bigger image makeover for parent company PepsiCo, which also repackaged its Pepsi and Tropicana brands. The G image makeover has definitely created a lot of buzz. But as PepsiCo learned, brand redesign doesn't always work out. The packaging changes for Tropicana are being rescinded due to consumer dissatisfaction

Regardless, companies are constantly jockeying to keep their image foremost in consumers' minds--whether through repackaging, re-branding or highlighting specific aspects of their product.

Throughout my younger years, Chevy commercials trumpeted the fact that their trucks were Like a Rock in toughness. Recently, their commercials have taken to highlighting the fact that they get better gas mileage than their counterparts. Ford is doing the same thing

The new ads are obviously a direct response to the consumer perception that American car companies don't make fuel-efficient vehicles.

Repackaging and highlighting specific aspects of a product are ways to keep a brand image fresh. Keep this in mind when you go to work for a company or start your own. Just remember to listen to the customer and be willing to adapt--check out my blog Face To Facebook, for an example of responding to consumer input.

Picture taken from this photostream and used with permission of a Creative Commons license.