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Money-Saving Life Hacks

By Janaye Everitt on May 10th, 2016

Sometimes navigating through life isn't so easy. And we often look for ways to do our daily tasks faster, smarter and more efficiently. Are you struggling with falling asleep at night or trying to find more space in your closet? These nifty life hacks can help you conquer it all.

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10 Unique Spring Activities to Try

By Janaye Everitt on February 1st, 2016

From backyard barbecues to Olympic stadiums, sports and recreation (both indoor and outdoor) have been keeping people entertained (and out of breath) for centuries.

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Fashion Cents: Look your best on a budget

By Janaye Everitt on August 1st, 2015

Looking like a million bucks doesn't have to cost, well, a million bucks.

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Summer Checklist: 10 thrifty fun-in-the-sun activities

By Janaye Everitt on May 1st, 2015

Summer is all about fun in the sun. These are activities that will not only make it a summer to remember, but you won't break the bank, either. 

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Failure To Adapt: 10 companies that went the way of the dinosaurs

By Margo Pecha on October 31st, 2014

These companies' mistakes are proof that getting stuck in the old ways comes with a cost.

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Tech-Free Cooperation: Start collaborating in your neighborhood

By Samantha Blann on April 23rd, 2014

What about the good ol' days without Internet, apps, and cell phones? Here are some tried and true collaboration ideas your grandparents would be proud of.

Plant some seeds. Looking to collaborate with members of your community and eat some yummy veggies? No problem. Start a community garden by organizing a public meeting to determine the level of interest and discuss where a good location would be.

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Ticker my funny bone: 10 stock symbols with a sense of humor

By brass Staff on March 17th, 2014

Here are some quirky ticker symbols that keep Wall Street entertained.

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WANTED: Jet-Pack Repairperson: How to land a job that doesn't exist yet

By brass Staff on November 1st, 2013

Five trends and corresponding skills you'll need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Footloose: 10 ways to save on dances

By Jennie Bartlemay on July 31st, 2013

The average American family spends over $1000 on prom alone--not to mention Sadie Hawkins, homecoming or winter formal. Here are 10 ways to look classy without dipping into your college fund.

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Go! Fight! What? 10 Bizarre Mascots

By Molly Meyer on July 31st, 2013

The Crimson Tide, the Tar Heels, the Boilermakers… sure, those mascots sound strange, but they're famous. How about those odd high school and college mascots that you've never heard of?

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