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Taking The High (Yield) Road: A savings account intro

By Josh Milam on February 1st, 2009 • Managing your money, Savings

With a high-yield savings account, you can earn serious interest on your spare change.

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Getting Pretty For The FAFSA: How to look good for financial aid

It's the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, but to many of the nearly 22 million students who applied for financial aid last year, it's simply the FAFSA. Done correctly, this document can help you pay for college.

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FICO Counts: Taking stock of your credit score

FICO means more to you than you might realize.

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When Debt Is Calling: Taking on debt collectors

Debt collectors are a persistent and intimidating reminder that you're in hot water.

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Financial Robotics: Automate your money

The days of envelope licking and stamp sticking to pay the bills are gladly behind us, but even managing finances online can be tedious enough to make anyone wish for a household robot with accounting skills.

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Need It Now: Penalty-free IRA withdrawals

Individual retirement arrangements (IRAs) are a great way to stash money for retirement. They can also be a lifesaver when unexpected expenses arise.

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Shedding Debt: Restructuring for debt relief

Debt restructuring may sound good, but beneath the surface, debt restructuring is similar to weight loss surgery: always expensive, and without discipline, a step deeper into the mess.

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A Balancing Act: The benefits of monitoring your accounts

Balancing accounts helps you stay on top of your money. It also helps you keep an eye out for fraudulent charges and errors, and helps prevent making too many transactions without enough money in the account.

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Tending An IRA: Don't neglect your investments

Managing your investments is just as important as starting them. Here are some helpful tips.

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Pay Down Or Save Up: Deciding where to dedicate your money

Should you pay down debt or build up savings? The answer might not be obvious, but setting aside money for emergencies and retirement is important.

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