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On The Economic Horizon: What to expect in the coming months

By Bryan Sims on February 1st, 2009 • Inspiration, Investing, Investing, Life, Savings

In light of the recent economic volatility, a lot of people are wondering what's going to happen next. No one can see the future, but I want to paint a broad picture of what could likely happen, and how it will affect you in 2009.

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Sound Advice: From one entrepreneur to another

Bryan shares a few lessons learned over the course of his entrepreneurial career. 

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Put Me In Coach: Volunteering with youth sports

By Bryan Sims on February 7th, 2012 • Moving out, Volunteering, Life

Sometimes it's a good idea to get beyond yourself and do something for other people. Bryan Sims walks you through youth coaching. 

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Earning Credit Without Debt: Tuition-free higher ed

Publisher Bryan Sims gives insight on furthering education for free.

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Don't Go It Alone: Get support for you and your startup

Starting a business is very difficult. So it's important to get the support you need as a young entrepreneur.

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Fairy-Tale Endings: True Hollywood success stories

Need a quick pick-me-up? Here are some truly inspirational Hollywood stories.

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Raising brass: Convincing investors to chip in

When CEO Bryan Sims started brass|MEDIA Inc., he was a 19-year-old, cash-strapped college freshman. Here's how he got the funding for his future business.

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Giving Pledge: Don't wait 'till you're rich

By Bryan Sims on November 1st, 2010 • Charity, Giving, Managing your money, Life

It's never too early to pledge your help to others. Brass CEO Bryan Sims has already taken the pledge.

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Speaking Out: The art of commanding an audience

By Bryan Sims on August 2nd, 2010 • Public Speaking, Life

Some people would prefer to die in a fiery car crash than speak in public. However, like a fear of heights, drowning or flying, it has to be faced eventually. Public speaking is a powerful and important skill to master, so the sooner you conquer it, the better.

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Own Your Money: Pay attention to your accounts

There are major changes happening in the financial industry this year. Be on the lookout for changes to financial products and services.

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