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Skinny Science: Weight-loss fads that lighten your wallet

By Stephen Ullmer on February 1st, 2009 • Budgeting, Health Care, Managing your money, Life

All too often we see expansive marketing campaigns for diet pills and celebrity diet crazes that rarely emphasize a balanced diet and regular exercise.

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Collaborative Clashes: Joint efforts that fall flat

By Samantha Blann on April 23rd, 2014 • Collaboration, Life

Not all collaborations make sense. For proof, take a gander at these odd partnerships that yield nothing but confusion.

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Book Bane: outrageously expensive textbooks

A study by the National Association of College Stores states that the average college student spends about $655 each year on textbooks. Depending on your major, however, $655 may be a drop in the bucket. While you can find most textbooks used, simply asking these prices for a new book is crazy.

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Toying With Millions: Weird toy ideas that made bank

Every generation has a handful of bizarre toy ideas that turn out to be short-lived and wildly popular fads.

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The Price Of The Presidency: Funding a White House campaign

It takes a boatload of greenbacks to fund a presidential campaign. Here's a peak into how it works. 

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The Jobless Generation: Fighting youth unemployment

Youth unemployment is on the rise. It's time to fight back. 

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The United States Of Broke: Life, liberty and the pursuit of debt

From day one, Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty have borrowed to pay for the country's pricey expenditures. Now federal debt is enormous and unsustainable. How did it come to this?

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Inventing Ad Nauseum: Ingenuity goes awry when the result is pointless

By Brandon Goldner on August 1st, 2011 • Ingenuity, Inventing, Inventions, Life

We've whipped up some pretty clever ideas over time, but some ideas are complete nonsense.

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A Fistful Of Dollars: It's the Wild West and Wall Street crooks are cashing in

Wall Street has the greatest collection of crooked, two-faced, backstabbing shysters this side of an Old West saloon, and they're riding off into the sunset with stolen loot.

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