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Become a brass Contributor

We're young adults writing for young adults.

We're looking for people with varied experiences to join this team: from financial gurus, entrepreneurs and avid investors to those sharing experiences about managing debt, budgets and their first forays in the real world.

brass|MEDIA publishes two blogs: brass blog AND Money Side of Life. Contributers may be published on one or both.

Are you contributor material? 
  • You're funny, sassy and can relate to young people.
  • You're passionate about writing, savvy with research and up-to-date on current trends.
  • You're able to meet deadlines.

If that's you, we encourage you to get involved and get published. Register here

Who are our readers?

brass|MAGAZINE's readers are 16- to 24-year-olds. They're smart, they're tech-savvy, they like to hear from their peers and they don't like being talked down to. So don't.

What is our editorial content?
  • Check out our Contributor Guidelines to find out how to write and submit a pitch, as well as write and submit your articles. Also check out more tips for writing for brass here. Our digital editor will give you more direction if needed once you recieve an assignment.
  • brass|MEDIA does not publish sponsored content or articles that are primarily advertisements.
  • All of out content must be thoroughly fact checked.
When do you get paid?

brass|MEDIA will pay you the month after your work is published. For example, if we publish your blog March 1, we'll mail your payment April 1.

How much do you get paid?

We pay five cents per word upon publication. For the visual stuff, payment is negotiated for each piece. 

How often can you write for brass?

You can pitch as many ideas as you wan,t as often as you want! We have a lot of contributors, but we give our strongest writers sometimes as much as four assignments a month.

What are our terms and conditions?

The following acknowledgements and permission is required for each submission to brass|MEDIA:

  • Your blog may be published on  brass blog OR Money Side of Life OR BOTH. 
    • Note: If your blog is chosen to be published on Money Side of Life, we will send you more information about signing up to be a user for that site.  It's confusing. We know. Sorry.
  • The author(s) assures the material submitted is original, his/her own work and is not under any legal restriction for publication (e.g., previous copyright ownership).
  • The author acknowledges that he/she is legally entitled to distribute the work and to allow it to be redistributed.
  • The author gives brass|MEDIA permission to publish the work and make it accessible in brass|MEDIA’s archives indefinitely after publication. The publisher brass|MEDIA, Inc., owns the rights to the article, design, photo or other submission content.
  • The author accepts that brass|MEDIA may edit the work for clarity and presentation and may lengthen or shorten the work as necessary, merging content with the work of other authors whenever appropriate (with proper credit).
  • The material submitted is an exclusive to brass|MEDIA and not under consideration for publication with any other source (brass|MEDIA does not accept multiple submission copy).