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First Paycheck Breakdown: How you should be spending your first paycheck

Whether it's a $30,000 salary or $130,000, your first "real job" is probably the biggest income change you'll experience. Sure we'll get gradual raises here and there, and maybe even a major promotion or two, but going from an income of nothing to a full time salary is quite a jump.

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Paid vs Unpaid: What's an internship worth?

By on November 18th, 2013 • College & Career, Free, Intern, Internships, Money, Paycheck, Work, Worth

Paid and unpaid internships offer students the same benefits: You gain real world experience, build your resume and network, obtain references and letters of recommendation, and even (wait for it) potentially land yourself a future job.

Figuring out if an unpaid internship is worth your investment of time can be tricky. Understanding the basics of internships can help you figure out which internship opportunities are worth investing in.

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For Love or Money

When choosing a career path, should you pursue a passion or follow the paycheck? Two people share the career paths they chose, and what they hope to gain from them.

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Going Rate

By brass Staff on November 1st, 2012 • Careers, College & Career, Jobs, making money, Paycheck

How do I determine appropriate rates for side or part-time jobs?

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