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Starting a business

Web Biz Basics: Launching a business website

By Brian Smith on February 1st, 2009 • Career, Starting a business, Entrepreneurship

With a little hard work, a business plan and a hosting service, anybody can start their own web-based company.

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How To Attract Talent On A Budget

You've finally gotten your new business off the ground, and now you're tasked with finding the right group of smart, eager individuals to help your venture succeed. You'll want to hire people who are clever, innovative, and unquestionably competent. There's just one problem: You’ve got limited funds.

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Put A Suit On, Twitter Style

Scenario: You've been invited to a very important dinner party. This dinner party has all kinds of networking connections, and since you hate your current job, your motivation to succeed is high. You might be an introvert, you might be an extrovert, but it doesn't matter. You must talk to other party attendees and make valuable connections. But before that, you must put on your nicest outfit. After all, attending a dinner party in your pajamas is not exactly kosher.

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Managing Cash Flow During Your First Year In Business

When we talk about launching a business, most entrepreneurs focus on just that – startup. It's during the first year of business, however, that most endeavors fail, and many business owners begin to report "lack of cash flow" as a primary concern.

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Motivation For The Home Entrepreneur

By on May 28th, 2014 • Starting a business, teamwork, Entrepreneurship

You’re a newly minted entrepreneur. You’ve given up the daily 9 to 5 grind, annoying coworkers, and a soul-sucking commute. You’ve taken control of your career and life, and you’re living the dream!

Yet as you read this from your home office, bunny slipper-clad feet on the desk, commanding every aspect of your business, you can’t help but wonder:

“Isn’t Ellen on soon?”

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Ninja Tactics To Build A Product Without Selling Stock

Startups are hard. Building a product is hard. Finding that elusive "product-market fit" is hard. You know what is very really freaking hard? Raising money, when all you and a co-founder have are a shared laptop and some grand aspirations.

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The Hunger Pains: Satisfying appetites through the cooperative food movement

Food producers and customers across the nation have banded together for mutual benefit. Here's a sampling from the broad palate of America's collectivized food movement.

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Business In The World Of Commenter Culture

The evolution of online customer reviews and social media comments means that our decisions about what to buy are now also influenced by worldwide word of mouth. 

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Got a Grand? Invest in yourself--literally

Fire up a quick Google search for “save $1,000,” and everyone from Dave Ramsey to wedding planning hubs and financial coaches has advice on how to hit the savings target, ranging from eating out less to selling your blo

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