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What To Pack To Save Money In College

College and debt often go hand-in-hand. Before you add to those student loans or draining checking account, however, read these tips to save money packing for college.

Dorm and apartment

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Buying A Home: You need more savings than you think

Home ownership can be a rewarding experience, from not having to answer to a landlord to turning a big part of your living expenses into an actual investment. And knowing that your rigorous savings efforts have finally resulted in an ample down payment is an unquestionably satisfying feeling. But before you start shopping for your new home, consider the following: To be financially ready for home ownership, you need more than just that initial 20% payment at closing.

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Free Apps That Save Money

By on July 7th, 2014 • Apps, Managing your money, Savings, Smartphones, Savings

Holding onto money is no simple task. Between student loans, car payments, late-night pizza cravings, and of course your Netflix account, it may feel like your hard-earned dollars disappear. However, you may not know it, but you have a secret weapon when it comes to saving money, and it may be in your back pocket: your smartphone. Check out these FREE apps that save money, available with the iPhone and Android.


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Starting Your Emergency Fund

So, you’re brown-bagging your lunch, clipping coupons, and saving your pennies. Now what should you do with your savings? It’s time to do a little planning and settle on your savings goals – both short-term and long-term.

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Save Money On Groceries: Just remember that rice is your friend and convenience stores are your enemy

When I first left my parents' home roughly six years ago, I truly became aware of the cost of groceries. Possibly because I am tighter than a coat of paint when it comes to certain things, but a few pricey grocery shopping experiences shortly after moving out made me change my food buying ways. After all, I had to make rent. And I had to pay for college.

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Returning To College Later Can Save Money

High school. College. Internship. Graduation. Job. We all know the typical path to success and the steps we should take to get there. But many students have chosen a more unique direction to success and that often includes attending college at a later age. These students are usually referred to as non-traditional students.

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How I Moved to Europe for Six Months: Part 2

After seven years, I'd saved $13,000 to go to Europe for six months. And though I was leaving my job as the development director at a small literary arts center, I offered to continue writing grants for them over the summer. This was a win for all involved; the new development person wouldn't have to worry initially about grant applications, and I'd have additional income.

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First Paycheck Breakdown: How you should be spending your first paycheck

Whether it's a $30,000 salary or $130,000, your first "real job" is probably the biggest income change you'll experience. Sure we'll get gradual raises here and there, and maybe even a major promotion or two, but going from an income of nothing to a full time salary is quite a jump.

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How Not to Spend Your Student Loans: They aren't supposed to help you buy concert tickets

I remember in college hearing friends say, "I can go out tonight; my student loan refund just came through." At the time, I thought nothing of it-- I even had a boyfriend wait for his student loan money to come through to take me out on a date. To us, a $5,000 loan payment hitting your bank account was just that: $5,000. Who cares what you spend it on? Nice restaurants, new clothes- a big TV; it doesn't matter.

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Stop Working, Get Paid: The past and future of retirement

Retirement as we know it began with the introduction of Social Security in 1935, but what will it look like in the future?

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