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Credit & Debt

The Added Bonus of Paying Off Debt

Two years ago I had $20,000 in my savings account, and my biggest problem was figuring out where to invest it. I found myself bragging about my savings prowess to anybody who would listen. Then everything changed when I got divorced. My $20,000 was reduced to nothing overnight. Then all of a sudden, I was looking at $6,000 in credit card debt.

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Too Young For Bankruptcy?

Recent college graduates are more in debt than ever before. When you combine substantial credit card debt with crippling student loan payments, it may look like that financially secure future is moving farther and farther away. With this as the new normal, many young adults are now looking into bankruptcy and asking, "Am I too young to file?" The quick answer is, "No." The long answer involves a little more info.

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So Your Partner Has Poor Credit

Finding a long-term partner, a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse can be a long and challenging road. If you've managed to snag that special someone only to discover that his or her credit history is less than stellar, while you may be tempted to overlook it, don't.

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Live at Home to Pay off College Debt

At some point during college you may have pictured yourself graduating, snagging a job and moving into a fabulous apartment where you'd be free to continue the independent lifestyle to which you've grown accustomed. But if you're now among the scores of recent college grads who find they are moving into their childhood bedroom rather than their dream apartment, take comfort in the fact that you're not alone.

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Surprising Ways to Sabotage Your Credit Score

Remember those library books you keep meaning to bring back? Well, they may be costing you, and not just the small fine the library charges. In fact, they may be costing you a shot at a new car, your own house or even some job opportunities. Those overdue library books just may hit you where it hurts -- in your credit score.

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Not A Joke: I took a year off for comedy's sake

I am a screenwriter and comedian, and all I want is a career in entertainment.

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We won't be surprised if you haven't heard these stories in the media, but they're important because they impact our young, thin wallets.

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Should You Lend Money To A Friend?

It’s a scenario many of us have faced: A friend comes to you and admits to being short on money, and before you know it, what started out as a venting sessions quickly turns into a plea for a loan. While it’s noble to want to help a friend in need, answer these questions.

What's your friend’s history with money?

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How I Paid $25,000 For Renovations Without Going Into Debt

After the coldest winter in decades, my house was worse for wear. The frigid temperatures caused my flagstone front porch steps to crumble and my retaining wall to collapse. While a lot of homeowners would have paid for the renovations by adding them to their mortgage, I was able to pay without going into debt.

Establishing an emergency fund

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How I Faced My Fear Of Credit Cards

I love my debit card--everything about it. Between the comfort it provides me to its ability of keeping my spending in check, there is nothing not to love. As I entered the real world, however, I was confronted with both a devastating and terrifying truth: I needed to get a credit card. Even though I knew this day would come, I still had many suspicious about this new, unknown card.

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