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Money's Tight, But Time is on Your Side

By Matt Neznanski on March 31st, 2014

The way to build wealth -- rather than live paycheck to paycheck -- is to make your money work for you.

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Bovines to Bitcoins: Real people investing real money: Zach Lindsey

By Jennie Bartlemay, Jane Long on March 3rd, 2014

We talked to people who've spent time and money investing.

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Bursting Bubbles

By Jens Odegaard, Justin Grensing on January 27th, 2014

From Tulipmania in 17th century Holland to the housing market collapse from 2005-2008, investment bubbles wreak havoc on investors and their finances.

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Stocks: Big risks for big rewards

By Samantha Blann on January 27th, 2014

Stocks can put money in your pocket.

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Owning Stocks: Am I part of the problem?

By on January 22nd, 2014

I'll be honest; the Occupy Wall Street movement caught me by surprise. I always knew that in this country, a very small amount of people made big dollars compared to most people that made significantly less. Rather than dismissing this movement as some sort of fad, I took the time to dig a little deeper -- I wanted to know what all of the hubbub was about.

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Earning More Interest: Savings accounts versus dividend paying stocks

By on December 30th, 2013

When I finally got to the point where I could start saving some money, I had visions of a steady flow of income from interest payments. So I started shopping for the best rates -- boy, was I given a rude awakening. Savings accounts paying 0.5 percent interest; money markets at 0.9 percent; and CDs not too much better at 1.1 percent and maybe as high as 3 percent if I agree to lock up my money for FIVE YEARS.

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Is Waiting To Invest Wise?

By on December 19th, 2011

Wisebread recently posted a blog that suggested an unpopular idea: Maybe it's not imperative that you start investing for retirement just yet. At least not right now.

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The 25-Year-Old Stock Rookie: Sizing up a company by the numbers

By Jens Odegaard on July 31st, 2011

It's time to research a publicly traded company and see if its stock is worth the money.

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Making Cents of Investing Risks: Penny stocks

By on November 19th, 2010

Penny stocks have more than one definition: officially, they're any stocks that trades below $5 a share, but in common use they can refer to any stocks "trading off of the major market exchanges." For someone who's new to the stock market and wants to get an idea of what it's like, penny stocks can be a great way to test the waters.

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Stock Gawkin'

By on May 7th, 2010

What happens when the stock market undergoes its most precipitous decline within a trading day ever? People freak out. And sometimes, stocks will become worthless. Literally.

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