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Grocery Shopping For Two

Whether you live together or like to frequently eat together at home, your partner’s eating habits will have an impact on your weekly grocery bill. From following specialty and health-related diets to having preferences for healthy or ready-made foods, eating habits abound, and with grocery bills consistently on the rise these days, they can become a financial burden if you’re not careful.

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Save Some Money With Your (Long-distance) Honey

What happens when you've found someone you really like, but you're more than a quick commute apart? Dating someone long-distance can be not only frustrating for your relationship, but frustrating financially. In these circumstances, it's important that you budget well and plan ahead. Start with these tips on what to budget for and how to save money with your honey.

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If You're Going To Have Cake, Eat it

By Missy Lacock on July 24th, 2014 • Budgeting, Food, Living on your own, Oreos, Life

America wastes a lot of food every year--133 billion pounds in 2010, to be exact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). It's a ridiculous amount, but between my own wasteful food habits and my years in the food service industry, I'm not surprised. If other Americans are even remotely like me, no wonder that waste pile is so high (sorry, Earth).

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Brain Scams: Supermarkets influence our food choices

There are a lot of reasons we buy what we buy at the grocery store, from lifestyles to economic factors. But something else is at play: a few wily supermarket tricks.

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From Farm To Fork: How the business of food affects you

By Matt Neznanski on July 24th, 2014 • Budgeting, Food, Managing your money, Life

Food in America is big business, and since we all have to eat, it sits right in the "needs" column of every budget. Understanding the economics of food and how it affects our daily lives can help us regain control of our choices.

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Dinner in a SNAP: What food stamps bring to the table

The federal government spends billions to feed Americans with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. 

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Au Naturel: Saving money on organic foods

By Mark Fairbrother on July 24th, 2014 • Budgeting, Managing your money

Eating organic and living within one's means aren't mutually exclusive.

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To App Or Not To App?

By on July 16th, 2014 • Apps, Budgeting, Managing your money, Online Tools, tools

Business Insider estimated at the end of 2013 one in every five people in the world owned a smartphone and one in every 17 owned a tablet. With that kind of technology so widely available, it seems like there's an app for everyone and everything.

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Smart People Doing Dumb Things

I think I'm a smart person. When I was younger, my dad would say, "You're a really smart kid, so I can't figure out why you would do something so dumb."

How often do we, smart people, find ourselves making dumb decisions, especially with money? Money management would be much simpler if money didn't get in the way. We all know we should save, we should plan for the future, we should spend carefully. Yet, these are the exact things we don't do.

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