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Are Your Valuables Covered?

By on October 21st, 2013 • Budgeting, College & Career, Housing, Renter's insurance, Life

Many incoming students move to campus fearing the terrible fates that could possibly befall their personal property. To inadvertently add to the anxiety, your parents may flood you with questions about your college's insurance policies. What's covered? What if the fire alarm isn't indicating a drill? What if a sneaky roommate snatches something? What if a pipe bursts?

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Why You Shouldn't Wish Away Wish Lists

By on August 16th, 2013 • Budgeting, Money, Savings, Wish lists

I avoided "Wish Lists" for a long time. Something about them seemed, well, wishy-washy. Many of my favorite online retailers placed an "Add To Wish List" button near every item I wanted, making me feel annoyed that anyone could possibly think I'd wait any longer to purchase my $44 turquoise teapot. I'd always click the "Purchase Now" button instead.

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Time to Talk: Who's paying for college?

As you prepare to finish high school, there's a discussion you need to have with your parents that is vital to your success in college: Money.

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Footloose: 10 ways to save on dances

The average American family spends over $1000 on prom alone--not to mention Sadie Hawkins, homecoming or winter formal. Here are 10 ways to look classy without dipping into your college fund.

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The High Price of Higher Ed: Why college costs so much

Why has the cost of higher ed sky-rocketed? Additionally, what can we do to combat that cost? 

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For-Profit College: Good For You or Good For Them?

DeVry University, ITT Technical Institute, Kaplan University, University of Phoenix. You’ve probably seen the advertisements for these schools, but did you know that they are all for-profit institutions? They are in the education business, and they are doing so at a profit to their investors. But do students benefit too?

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Complete Car Coverage: Breaking down car insurance

Car insurance is a multi-headed beast with many coverage option and levels. While some people think car insurance payments don’t balance out in the long run, driving without car insurance is illegal in most states and can put you in a rut if you get in an accident.

So, what can car insurance cover?

Here’s a comprehensive list of the six types of car insurance you'll commonly come across. Although what is are required by law varies by state, you have some control over the amount each covers. The larger the coverage amount, the higher the monthly premium.

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Home-Buying and HOAs: Reading up on the rules

Four years ago, my husband and I mistakenly thought buying a condo was a good idea. Since then, we’ve been warned for having the “wrong” furniture on our balcony, paid for two different special assessments to cover the building's water bill, gone to court over repair costs when broken pipe in a shared wall flooded our kitchen, and watched our monthly homeowners' association (HOA) fees jump from $216 to $335. We wish we’d paid more attention to the HOA information before signing on the dotted line, but our pain is your gain.

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Renting A House: My leap from apartment life

My roommates' argument for renting a house instead of our apartment was a convincing one: We'd be more autonomous, we could make keys for our trusted friends, we wouldn't have to live with obnoxious neighbors on the other side of the wall, we would have free parking. Against my initial reluctance, I agreed.

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