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An Introvert's Guide To Networking

Being an introvert means so much more than being than shy, quiet, and self-reflective; it also means finding energy by being alone instead of by interacting with others. Sometimes, however, introverts face unique obstacles, especially when it comes to the workplace.

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Should You Work For Free?

Though the jobs outlook has improved in recent years, many college grads are still having trouble securing employment in their fields of choice. According to recent data, as of 2010, only 62% of employed grads had jobs that required a college degree, while a mere 27% had managed to find jobs in fields related to their areas of study.

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Paying To Network: The costs of trade shows

Trade shows are where industry experts and professionals gather to network, show off their wares, and close business deals. Whether you have a great idea you're looking to introduce to the public or just want to break into the industry, trade shows are where to do it.

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One In Nine Million: Four ways to stand out in your job search

You graduate and now it's time to get a job (that's next, right?). After all, it's why you spent all those years in school. However, months and several promising job interviews later, you're still looking for work.

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Should You Take a Job At A Startup?

By on December 1st, 2014 • Benefits, College & Career, Getting a job, risks, Startup

Startup companies continue to pop up everywhere, offering countless employment opportunities for job searchers. Whether you're a recent grad in need of a paycheck or are tired of working in a rigid corporate atmosphere, taking a job at a startup could end up being a career choice with benefits and drawbacks.

The pros

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Trading Up: Turn your collar blue to make the green

By pursuing a job in one of these fields, you can line yourself up for a satisfying career and reliable paycheck without a fancy degree or a mountain of student debt.

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Workplace Chameleon:Adapting to succeed in your field

The following profiles highlight how being adaptable can set you up for success within your chosen career.

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What To Pack To Save Money In College

College and debt often go hand-in-hand. Before you add to those student loans or draining checking account, however, read these tips to save money packing for college.

Dorm and apartment

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You Are Where You Eat: The reemergence of local food

One-hundred-fifty years ago, 90% of the U.S. population was farmers, and local food wasn't a movement but how you survived. Now, it's a movement that asks us to consider where our food comes from and how it got here.

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Working Separately, Together

When freelancing or telecommuting just aren't cutting it, there's always coworking. 

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