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What To Pack To Save Money In College

College and debt often go hand-in-hand. Before you add to those student loans or draining checking account, however, read these tips to save money packing for college.

Dorm and apartment

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You Are Where You Eat: The reemergence of local food

One-hundred-fifty years ago, 90% of the U.S. population was farmers, and local food wasn't a movement but how you survived. Now, it's a movement that asks us to consider where our food comes from and how it got here.

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Working Separately, Together

When freelancing or telecommuting just aren't cutting it, there's always coworking. 

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Telecommuting: Workforce of the future?

By Carolyn Heneghan on April 23rd, 2014 • College & Career, Telecommuting

Flexibility is an asset for gymnasts and circus performers, but it's also an option for your everyday working stiff. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 9.5% of all U.S. employees worked from home at least one day a week in 2010. Not only does remote employment offer convenience for employees and increased profit for employers, but telecommuting is changing traditional methods of collaboration and diversifying the workforce.

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Sharing Workspace: More fun than a barrel of monkeys

By Dana Neuts on April 23rd, 2014 • College & Career, Coworking, Entrepreneurship

When Christian Silk's daughter was born two and a half years ago, Silk lost his home office. Needing a productive place to work, Silk, a graphic and web designer, sought out new digs. He worked out of coffee shops for a while but found the environment lacking. He also tried renting a small office alone but felt it was isolating. Two years ago, Silk found the ideal space with friends who call themselves Monkey Barrel Media.

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Every Day I'm Hustlin': The rise of the gig economy

From high-rate professionals to those willing to work for $5 a pop, the American workforce is increasingly a growing patchwork population called "the creative class," "the freelance nation," or, more commonly, the "gig economy."

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Five Money Mistakes I Made in College

When I ask most people if they have any regrets from college, they gaze off into the distance, smile, and shake their heads no. But for me, I look back and there is so much I would change. I made a lot of mistakes in college, and unfortunately most were money mistakes. Here are five of them that you can avoid.

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Don't Fear The Student Loan

You're ready to launch into college, springboard into a career and vault into a happy, successful life. There's just one obstacle standing in your way: money. Yes, you've come to terms with the fact that you need a student loan. You may be a little anxious about it, or you may be downright petrified. But with a little planning and know-how, you don't have to fear the student loan. Here's what you can do to prep for your loan and take the anxiety out of the process.

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Is the Cost of College Still Worth It?

Graduating from college is exhilarating. You're entering the real world, about to make it on your own. But if you're like most grads, the weight of your student loans quickly sets in, and facing this reality can be rather intimidating.

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Returning To College Later Can Save Money

High school. College. Internship. Graduation. Job. We all know the typical path to success and the steps we should take to get there. But many students have chosen a more unique direction to success and that often includes attending college at a later age. These students are usually referred to as non-traditional students.

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