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Think Like An Entrepreneur

Saras Sarasvathy, a University of Virginia professor, is generating buzz with her research on the entrepreneurial mind. Her work looks at the thought processes of highly successful entrepreneurs to see what distinguishes them from the rest of us.

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Marc Davis: High Octane Success

By Jens Odegaard on February 1st, 2009 • Auto, Career, Entrepreneurship

Marc is a college freshman who has quickly honed his skills behind the wheel, becoming one of NASCAR's fresh faces of success.

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Web Biz Basics: Launching a business website

By Brian Smith on February 1st, 2009 • Career, Starting a business, Entrepreneurship

With a little hard work, a business plan and a hosting service, anybody can start their own web-based company.

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Squeezing Money Out Of Strangers: 10 fundraisers that hit pay dirt

Got a passion in need of promotion? If you need a little help raising money for a cause (no matter what it is), you’ll probably want to take a few notes.

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We won't be surprised if you haven't heard these stories in the media, but they're important because they impact our young, thin wallets.

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Failure To Adapt: 10 companies that went the way of the dinosaurs

These companies' mistakes are proof that getting stuck in the old ways comes with a cost.

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You Are Where You Eat: The reemergence of local food

One-hundred-fifty years ago, 90% of the U.S. population was farmers, and local food wasn't a movement but how you survived. Now, it's a movement that asks us to consider where our food comes from and how it got here.

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How To Attract Talent On A Budget

You've finally gotten your new business off the ground, and now you're tasked with finding the right group of smart, eager individuals to help your venture succeed. You'll want to hire people who are clever, innovative, and unquestionably competent. There's just one problem: You’ve got limited funds.

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Put A Suit On, Twitter Style

Scenario: You've been invited to a very important dinner party. This dinner party has all kinds of networking connections, and since you hate your current job, your motivation to succeed is high. You might be an introvert, you might be an extrovert, but it doesn't matter. You must talk to other party attendees and make valuable connections. But before that, you must put on your nicest outfit. After all, attending a dinner party in your pajamas is not exactly kosher.

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Managing Cash Flow During Your First Year In Business

When we talk about launching a business, most entrepreneurs focus on just that – startup. It's during the first year of business, however, that most endeavors fail, and many business owners begin to report "lack of cash flow" as a primary concern.

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