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Think Like An Entrepreneur

By on February 21st, 2011

Saras Sarasvathy, a University of Virginia professor, is generating buzz with her research on the entrepreneurial mind. Her work looks at the thought processes of highly successful entrepreneurs to see what distinguishes them from the rest of us.

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Marc Davis: High Octane Success

By Jens Odegaard on February 1st, 2009

Marc is a college freshman who has quickly honed his skills behind the wheel, becoming one of NASCAR's fresh faces of success.

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Web Biz Basics: Launching a business website

By Brian Smith on February 1st, 2009

With a little hard work, a business plan and a hosting service, anybody can start their own web-based company.

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If You Tweet It, They Will Come: How to navigate online marketing

By on May 16th, 2016

Last week, a new restaurant opened in my neighborhood. The door was open, colorful balloons adorned the fence and a chalkboard sign invited me in. I was intrigued. But when I punched their name into Google, I got zilch. No website, no Yelp reviews, no Facebook page.

I guess they were hoping word of mouth would be enough to keep the doors open, but I took my money elsewhere.

Utilize Social Media

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Is Your Website SEO Friendly?

By on April 25th, 2016

There's an episode of "The Simpsons" where Homer builds a website. After filling it with gifs of dancing Jesus, obnoxious talking faces and flying toasters, he sits and watches the hit counter. It doesn't move. "Why isn't anybody looking at my website?!" he wonders.

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The World of Trade Shows

By on March 30th, 2016

Keeping up with an industry is difficult. An industry can be a myriad of things -- but mostly it's a group of businesses that provide a particular product or service. For example, IT and tech are both industries. Certainly a few targeted Google searches or social media connections can get you an "ear to the streets," so to say, but it's difficult to tell which companies are truly doing the things they say they are.

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Relationships Matter: An inside look at entrepreneur Jay Wright's game changing plays

By on September 2nd, 2015

You've heard it before. Business can be cutthroat, vile and cruel. Or so it would seem. But a lot of the prevalent thinking in today's buzzing, unconventional boardrooms is that it's the people that matter most. Relationships matter. Building a strong bridge between the people you serve and the ideas that you want to bring to fruition is monumental to achieving success as a millennial entrepreneur.

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Why Content Marketing Is Anything but Soft

By on August 12th, 2015

Content marketing is the most effective way to attract people to your brand. If you're just starting out, you're in for a lot of fun. At first, it may seem insurmountable, but before you know it, you'll achieve the glory of successful content marketing.

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Finding a Balance: copywriter Jessica Brown does it all

By Abbie Tumbleson on August 1st, 2015

Most of us would rather work to live than live to work. And if we're lucky, we find a way to get paid doing something we enjoy. That's a big player in the game of balancing your personal life with your professional life.

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How to Build an Online Portfolio

By on June 15th, 2015

Whether you're currently looking for a job or want to increase your chances of finding one in the future, these days, a resume will only get you so far. While your resume is a great place to summarize your work experience, it's hard to capture your talent and personality on a single piece of paper. And, depending on your line of work, your resume may not be a true indicator of what you're really capable of doing. That's where online portfolios comes in.

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