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For-Profit College: Good For You or Good For Them?

DeVry University, ITT Technical Institute, Kaplan University, University of Phoenix. You’ve probably seen the advertisements for these schools, but did you know that they are all for-profit institutions? They are in the education business, and they are doing so at a profit to their investors. But do students benefit too?

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COBRA Saves The Day: Everything you need to know about COBRA health insurance

By Juliana Weiss-Roessler on June 27th, 2013 • baby, COBRA, Healthcare, Insurance, Life

A month after I quit my job to write full-time, my husband was let go from his job. Oh, and we'd also just learned I was pregnant. It was a fun week.

Since we live in the United States, losing his employer meant losing our health insurance--but you can't not have health insurance when you're pregnant. Unfortunately, new insurance providers we looked into considered a baby a "preexisting condition," so we turned to COBRA (not the G.I. Joe one) in desperation.

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Best Apartment For Your Budget

Searching for an apartment can be overwhelming, and trying to find a nice place to call home while sticking to a budget can get tricky. Before you begin your search, consider these tips for determining how much your apartment will really cost you and how to find the best place without going broke:

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The Buzz About Bitcoins

By on June 3rd, 2013 • bitcoin, currency, Internet, Investing, Life

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Self-employed And Self-sufficient: Managing Freelancing Finances

It's true. The job market's dreary these days--at least it seems more young people are ditching the search for biweekly paychecks and making their money project-by-project. Because freelance income can be erratic in frequency, and Tax Day can become a migraine rather than just a headache for self-employed workers, here are some pointers to help the self-employed track their finances.

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Paying Less On Necessities

By on May 22nd, 2013 • Coupons, groceries, Shopping, Life, Savings

Since the Great Recession, many families have found themselves out of work, with fewer hours, or with less income. Families have been cutting back on unnecessary items to help save money.

Although unnecessary items can be cut from the list, there are still necessary grocery items to buy, which are usually the most expensive. So, people have been finding ways to save money on these items.

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Tips On Never Paying The Sticker Price At A Pawnshop

By on May 20th, 2013 • deals, pawn shops, Shopping, Life

Pawnshops are an important part of American culture. Pawnshops provide consumers with the opportunity to buy, sell, and take out loans on virtually all types of consumer goods. Learning how to get a deal at your local pawnshop the next time you shop there is essential to never paying the sticker price on an item.

How Pawnshops Acquire Their Goods

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More Insiders' Secrets To Saving Money In A Department Store

By on May 15th, 2013 • Clothes, department stores, Savings, Life

Following my last post on saving in department stores, I thought I'd let you in on three more insider secrets you should know.

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