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How I Moved to Europe for Six Months: Part 2

After seven years, I'd saved $13,000 to go to Europe for six months. And though I was leaving my job as the development director at a small literary arts center, I offered to continue writing grants for them over the summer. This was a win for all involved; the new development person wouldn't have to worry initially about grant applications, and I'd have additional income.

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First Paycheck Breakdown: How you should be spending your first paycheck

Whether it's a $30,000 salary or $130,000, your first "real job" is probably the biggest income change you'll experience. Sure we'll get gradual raises here and there, and maybe even a major promotion or two, but going from an income of nothing to a full time salary is quite a jump.

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Jumping Ship: Making a move after your first job

By on December 2nd, 2013 • College & Career, Job Search, Make a Move, Life

So, you've earned that college degree, nabbed your first job and have been on the clock ever since. But, now you think you're ready for the next stop.

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To The "Big Leagues": Positioning yourself for the internship of your dreams

I’m sure you’ve heard it all: clean up your Facebook page (no, your employer will not be impressed with the apparent “creativity” of your Halloween attire), have a firm handshake, and so on.

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The Hidden Costs of Studying Abroad

I recently financed a three-week study abroad trip to Italy -- a complete stay with weekend trips to Venice and the Amafli Coast -- entirely by waiting tables at a restaurant.

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5 Things They Don't Tell You about Studying Abroad

By on October 23rd, 2013 • College & Career, Italy, Study abroad, Life

I thought I was prepared when I left for my three-week study abroad trip to Italy. But here are a few things you should know before you study abroad:

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Are Your Valuables Covered?

By on October 21st, 2013 • Budgeting, College & Career, Housing, Renter's insurance, Life

Many incoming students move to campus fearing the terrible fates that could possibly befall their personal property. To inadvertently add to the anxiety, your parents may flood you with questions about your college's insurance policies. What's covered? What if the fire alarm isn't indicating a drill? What if a sneaky roommate snatches something? What if a pipe bursts?

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Expand Your Cooking Horizons

By on October 16th, 2013 • College & Career, College diet, cooking, Food, Life

Living on your own means you now provide for yourself. Students who are used to living in a dorm or at home are used to eating prepared meals. When you move into a house or apartment, what you eat is your decision. As a student, I got tired of spending a ton of money on fast food, and it wasn’t good for my waistline. I decided to expand my horizons with my meals.

Here are some tips to avoid the drive-thru.

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Is Graduate School Calling?

By on October 14th, 2013 • College & Career, Financial Aid, graduate school, Job, Life

After four years of undergraduate education, the time comes when we transition into the next phase of our lives—post-graduate existence. Do we move back with our parents to work in our hometown? Do we seek a "big-kid job" in a big city? Do we enroll in a grad program?

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