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Systematic Savings: Start early and stay rich

By Ramit Sethi on February 1st, 2009 • Debt Management, Managing your money, Money, Savings

Build a system to automate your money management in no more than six weeks.

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Taking The High (Yield) Road: A savings account intro

By Josh Milam on February 1st, 2009 • Managing your money, Savings

With a high-yield savings account, you can earn serious interest on your spare change.

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On The Economic Horizon: What to expect in the coming months

By Bryan Sims on February 1st, 2009 • Inspiration, Investing, Investing, Life, Savings

In light of the recent economic volatility, a lot of people are wondering what's going to happen next. No one can see the future, but I want to paint a broad picture of what could likely happen, and how it will affect you in 2009.

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Buying A Home: You need more savings than you think

Home ownership can be a rewarding experience, from not having to answer to a landlord to turning a big part of your living expenses into an actual investment. And knowing that your rigorous savings efforts have finally resulted in an ample down payment is an unquestionably satisfying feeling. But before you start shopping for your new home, consider the following: To be financially ready for home ownership, you need more than just that initial 20% payment at closing.

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Not-So Extreme Couponing

Long before TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” got everyone hyped up on saving money by clipping coupons and building a big grocery stockpile, many people were already reaping the benefits of saving money with coupons or online saving tools. I've watched the shows, I still have questions: Do I need all of those items? Do I have space for them?

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Drive For Less: Save money on car insurance without changing carriers

You may be able to save on car insurance in 15 minutes, or even in seven minutes, if you are willing to change insurance companies. What if you like the service you currently receive but just want to pay less? There always seems to be an excuse every renewal period why your premium went up a few dollars more a month. For the frugal-minded, like myself, I think about how those few dollars would be better left in my favorite high-yielding savings account.

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Get The Best Car Insurance Rate

I'd always dreamed of driving an SUV, a sleek, black 4x4 with runners and navigation. I saved my down payment, and I trekked down to the local dealership. I knew I could afford the payments for a newer model, and I knew what kind of interest rate I'd be eligible for, because my credit score was pretty good.

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Renting Versus Buying A Car

If you live in a place where public transportation is virtually non-existent, you probably either own a car or are looking into buying one pronto. But if you're a city dweller, you may want to think twice before jumping into car ownership – especially when you have the option to rent.

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Free Apps That Save Money

By on July 7th, 2014 • Apps, Managing your money, Savings, Smartphones, Savings

Holding onto money is no simple task. Between student loans, car payments, late-night pizza cravings, and of course your Netflix account, it may feel like your hard-earned dollars disappear. However, you may not know it, but you have a secret weapon when it comes to saving money, and it may be in your back pocket: your smartphone. Check out these FREE apps that save money, available with the iPhone and Android.


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Free Things You Waste Money On

By on June 23rd, 2014 • Managing your money, Saving money, Savings

Capitalism is a great when you know what you're doing. Unfortunately, most of us simply don't. Everywhere I look, I see people throwing their hard-earned money away on frivolous items they could be getting for free (or dirt cheap). If you hate billionaires and CEO's, stop lining their pockets by wasting your money on these ridiculous purchases.

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