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Sasquatch's simple tips to un-boring your lunch.
10 ways to save on your next vacation.
What to do before moving out for the first time
Food can be expensive. Here are some ways to keep your stomach and your wallet full.
Here are some tips on how to approach your first full time job to make the most of it
Thinking about doing a degree online? Here are some financial factors to consider to help you make the right choice
Car maintenance costs can sneak up on you. Here's how much to set aside each month to prepare for them.
Here's a look at what an escrow account is and the pros and cons of using one
A look at what equity is and how to use it wisely
Loan structures can be confusing. Here's how Amortization works and how you can use it to your advantage.
Confused by how credit scores are calculated? Here's what you need to know to change your score in your favor.
Think you're too young to start planning for retirement? Think again!
Your security deposit when renting can sometimes be a lot of money. How can you make sure you get that money back?
If you're renting a place for the first time, there are lots of things you need to know
There are a variety of ways to invest, but remember that no investment is ever guaranteed
Saving is like planning your driving route. You need to know where your destination is AND how you're going to get there.
Don't understand the value of saving? Here are 10 easy ways to save while you're young to build the habit for the future.
Choosing a career or post secondary school is like choosing an entre off a ginormous menu. How do you choose?
Here are some tips to focus on when applying for schools after high school
It's hard to get a job these days with less education. But there are more options than just a Bachelor's Degree.
Budgeting is different for everyone and depends on your personal spending priorities. Here are some tips for covering not only what you need, but also the things you want.
Three eligible credit cards compete on the Credit Game to win the heart of Sarah, who's looking for the right credit card for her.
Here are some costs of home buying you should plan for before you're officially handed the keys.
A look at how to choose car insurance based on getting enough coverage, not just a low price
If you're entering college undecided on a major, consider starting at community college to save yourself a lot of money.
A look at how to choose the right rewards credit card
A look at two different methods of paying off debt: the Snowball Method and the Avalanche Method
Got a job interview? Here are 5 typical interview questions you should be prepared to answer before your interview.
Got a job interview? Here are some tips you should follow before you even get to your interview
Considering biking to work instead of driving? Here are some things you should know.
Is a college degree really worth the cost of student loan debt?
A look at how to build a budget using the example of building a house
A look at the envelope method of budgeting and whether it might work for you.
A look at how to check your credit score and how to avoid certain pitfalls from sites offering free scores.
A look at what Co-Working spaces are and how they benefit young entrepreneurs.
A look at what red flags should cause you to throw up the white flag when buying a used car.
A look at stock bubbles and why you should be wary of them
A look at why saving is important from the perspective of Sammy the Squirrel.
Why credit is important even if you're too young to need it
We talk to the owner of Blackfern about how he started his surfboard crafting business
An examination of what dreams jobs are and how to go about finding them
We visited a machine shop to get an inside look at the industry.
We ask about the advantages of continuing your education at a community college.
We explore the military as an option to continue your education.
You can still eat well on a budget if you shop smart
We explore 4-year universities as an option to continue your education.
How to make your own trellis to grow pole beans
Strategies for negotiating a great deal.
How much food can you get for $1?
We ask people how they react when encountering panhandlers
We compare the amounts of protein you can buy for $1.
Clean your disposal without store-bought cleansers.
7 ways to stop charging
Why pay full price for Fido's fun
What to check on your car every week.
How do you fund a business?
Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, but he had a lot of help.
Be Your Own Boss
Former brass covers discuss entrepreneurship
Avi Millman gives advice on being a first-time entrepreneur.
An infomercial touting the benefits of being your own boss.
Sasquatch's simple tips to un-boring your lunch.
We ask several people how they got their first jobs.
Meet the founder and CEO of "Man Cans": Hart Main
Shake up your money-making activities
Disassemble Into 1,891,532 Simple Parts
Taking on Debt Collectors
Using sports to set up your career
Director Jesse Harris gives us a glimpse of his life.
Make your college application stand out
Can't understand a lick about car insurance?! Here are some tips!
Baker Liz Marek talks about starting her food cart and savor cakes
Travel abroad on a dime
Finding a card that fits
How Gas Prices Are Determined
Do what you love, make what you deserve
Living on your own for the first time
How to spend your time in college.
When to pay the professionals, or learn how to do it yourself
The what and why of federal financial aid
Finding free health care
Meet Katie Kacvinsky: Author of 'Awaken'
Ways to cut some corners, and save some cash
Help your portfolio survive in bull and bear markets
How to swing negotiations in your favor
How to face up to the positive and negative sides of debt
Cover story spotlight - Captain Elliott Neese of the Ramblin Rose
Ways to manage your finances.
Should you spend your first 2 years at a community college or university?
Learn the benefits and differences between Tradititional and Roth IRAs
A road map to getting out of debt
Cover story of Carrie Atkinson founder of Sock It To Me
Getting started - the who, what, when, where, why and how of investing
The brass show breaks down what you need to know about auto insurance.
10 ways to save on your next vacation.
We answer questions about savings bonds and power of attorney
brass|SHOW cover story featuring singer/songwriter Andra Govere
Extra jobs equal extra cash.
What a job fair is, and what you can learn from attending one.
Preview of the May 2011 issue of brass MAGAZINE
10 Tips for your first job
What to do before moving out for the first time
What to do after you lose your job
What to do after High School, dealing with Financial Aid
Starting up, how to finance your company
brass|SHOW cover story featuring Andy Po owner of Homebase Skate Shop
Ways to avoid contributing to needless waste
Ask Brass discussing where FAFSA money comes from and Net vs. Gross income
Preview of the February 2011 issue of brass MAGAZINE
We answer questions about emergency funds and in-state tuition
Help your portfolio survive in bull and bear markets
Video shows how to start off investing in real estate.
Discusses different types of Health Insurance
Ashley Fiolek WMX rider wins the gold at the 2010 X-Games. Cover Story
What to do when you're Out of Cash.
The differences between Online and Traditional School
Adding up the costs of 18 years of parenting
5 hands-on careers that can pay the bills.
Meet professional photographer Joey Lawrence
How to protect yourself from scams.
What you need to know about starting a franchise.
The differences between buying and renting a home.
Explanation of changes in credit card rules because of the C.A.R.D. Act
Info on less common types of insurance
Ways to manage your finances.
Cover Story Spotlight - West Philly High School students build hybrid cars
Learn how to make sense of your credit report.
What you need to know about bonds.
Find out if new home building methods are right for you.
Get tips on how to fund your college education while avoiding costly loans
An overview of current growing and shrinking job sectors
Cover Story Spotlight - William Kamkwamba built windmills in Malawi
How to understand basic tax terms and file a federal tax return.
Learn about the stock market with online stock games
Cover story spotlight on Aaron Schock: the youngest member of U.S. Congress
The fundamentals of teamwork
What to do with an unexpected windfall
Simple and cheap ways you can live a healthier lifestyle and get in shape
Cover story spotlight on Lori Hanna - founder of non-profit Salud del Sol
What you need to know about negotiating a lower credit card rate.
How to find a career doing something you are passionate about
How to face up to the positive and negative sides of debt
Tips for avoiding and reversing common financial fees
Getting started - the who, what, when, where, why and how of investing
Interview with film-director Anne-Sophie (brass|MAGAZINE cover story)
Tips for developing a healthy and tasty menu on a budget
Hospital bills can be expensive. Here's how you can avoid medical debt.
Benefits, drawbacks and the process for consolidating student loans
Tips for resume writing and managing your web presence
Learn the benefits and differences between Tradititional and Roth IRAs
What do inflation and deflation mean, and how do they affect you?
Tips for finding and buying the right used car
Your Guide to the Stock Market
A road map to getting out of debt
The Other Plastic - Learn the benefits and history behind debit cards
The Ups and Downs of High-Yield Savings Accounts
Spring 09 Cover Story Spotlight - 18-year-old racing prodigy Marc Davis
Budget Building - tips, tools and incentives for building a budget
Overdraft Intervention - Protect yourself from overdraft fees
Wheeling and Dealing - How Auto Financing Rolls
Picking Plastic - Your Guide to Choosing a Credit Card
Time is Money - Compounding Interest